Wikilook – Extends – CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike) – Donate Profit 17% – Channel Approval Required – Link Registration Required – Google It – Fair & Good, shortened “WL-E-CC-BY-SA-DP17%-CAR-LRR-GI-F&G” is an Open Source License extending CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike) license. Explanation of each extension follows.

This is an example and proposal of future Open Source license system based on understandable tags. Various tags will be gathered within various databases understandable for automatic publishing bots therefore materials licensed under more complex licenses can be automatically processed by automatic processors. The idea behind is that by using database or search engine for checking “Product / Material” + “TAG or set of TAGS”, it will be possible to identify exact meaning of a tag attached to a license attached to a product. Even in case that shortened TAG is same as different shortened TAG, it should be possible to connect proper tags to a product if attached license & product is added to some public registry of product and licenses.

Short Licence Text

Short license text for use with published material.


This material is available under the WL-E-CC-BY-SA-DP17%-CAR-LRR-GI-F&G License.




Materiál je dostupný pod licencí WL-E-CC-BY-SA-DP17%-CAR-LRR-GI-F&G, případně za dalších podmínek.

License Explanation

Detailed license explanation.

Wikilook – Extends (WL-E)

Extending is a concept of building on top of definition or work created by some other entity. In this case additional set of other rules / tags is attached to Creative Commons license.

CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike)

Extended version is CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike) license created by Creative Commons.

Donate Profit 17% (DP17%)

In case you use material licensed under this license for commercial purposes, you are “required” to donate part of generated profit at about 17% to the authors or a cause specified by the authors. It is a “required” donation, in other words it would be good there was some way how to request a payment, but probably there are no legal means or time how to insist on a payment and therefore is left as donation on your will.

Channel Approval Required (CAR)

Authors require you to obtain their approval of your publishing channel, if you intend to use licensed material. Open Source can be used for various purposes and this requirement helps authors to control, if their work will be used on some project, what authors would consider not being appropriate.

Link Registration Required (LRR)

If you use licensed material, you are required to register your copy of the published material in a public registry.

Google It (GI)

Use search engine for finding more precise information on this license, for finding public registry, to contact authors about channel approval etc. Good search engine, specifically Google, will probably catalogue further information connected to the material or licenses when published.

Fair & Good (F&G)

This kind of complex licensing might not be perfect at the time of publishing of this license. Authors of a material licensed under this license might polish the license in future. Please try to comply with the wish of authors, in other words be fair and be good. Internet is medium which is impossible to control and everything published in it can take various shapes. More complex licensing can help to bring some order what happens with Open Source materials presented in simple understandable tags, but needs some time to be properly developed.




This text is Open Source and available for use or translation under following license.

This material is available under the WL-E-CC-BY-SA-DP17%-CAR-LRR-GI-F&G License.


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